HealthyHarvest Market concept comes to Springfield

Harvest Market concept comes to Springfield


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Quincy-based Niemann Foods, Inc. is rebranding the County Market on West White Oaks Drive in Springfield into the country’s second Harvest Market, a health-oriented grocery store focused on providing farm-to-table options. The first Harvest Market opened in Champaign in 2016, and the Springfield location is expected to open this fall after an extensive renovation of the existing store.

Gerry Kettler, Niemann’s director of consumer affairs, described Harvest Market as “a whole new way to shop for groceries.”

“It very much connects the consumer to the land and to the producers, with a strong emphasis on local, fresh, organic, natural and health. It’s a good mix of healthy and traditional mainstream groceries,” Kettler said.

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Kettler said the concept of Harvest Market often reminds people of Whole Foods, but he differentiated between the two.

“That’s not what we are. We let people make the decision if they want to buy Oreos or if they want to buy organic fruit. We’ll have it all, so it’s a little different than just a typical health food store. The main [objective] of it is connecting our consumers to the makers and producers that are preparing their food,” Kettler said.

Harvest Market will also include a bar, a restaurant and a mezzanine. Champaign’s Harvest Market has a delicatessen, which includes a sushi bar, salad bar, chef-prepared meals, a cheese shop and more. Another of Harvest Market’s unique features is the butter churning room, where customers are able to connect with local farmers and learn about the butter making process.


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Harvest Market concept comes to Springfield

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